Trenchwork is something that’s very special. Trenchwork is about football and it’s also about life. Everyone knows what it is like to sacrifice and struggle in one way or another. Trenchwork is the idea that we line up every day and take on whatever challenges we are facing. Trenchwork is the idea that we don’t run from our problems and we face them head-on in a determined manner. We might get hit or do the hitting, but ultimately we still have to line up and do it again and be consistent. It’s about the tough people who get up and do it every day and get knocked down and get up again. That’s what this whole brand is about. It’s for anybody; men, and women who do the dirty work and grind. It’s something to be prideful about. I don’t care if you’re a football player or a garbage man or a CEO. Everybody has their own grind.
- Carl Davis